April 19, 2014
Siteframe 3.2.3

Welcome to Siteframe 3.2.3

This is the default home page for a Siteframe-powered website. You should replace this with a home page of your own choosing, or you can modify this page to suit your needs.

Changing the home page

To edit this page, navigate to Control Panel → Maintain content templates, and click on "index".

To select another home page template, navigate to Control Panel → Extended properties, and choose another template from the drop-down menu by HOME_PAGE.

To create your own home page template:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel → Maintain content templates.
  2. Select "Create a new template."
  3. Set the template type to "Home Page" and enter any desired home page text, then press Save.
  4. Go to Control Panel → Extended properties, then choose your new template from the HOME_PAGE drop-down list.

It is recommend that you do not modify one of the existing templates, since your changes may be lost in a future software upgrade. Either use an existing template unchanged, or create a copy of an existing template to modify.

Administrative user account

During the installation process, you should have created at least one administrative user account. If you did not, you will be unable to maintain and manage this website.

To create a new administrative user, click here.

If your site already has an administrative user, you are required to login before using the Control Panel.

Configuring your site

If you're seeing this page, then you have already completed at least the first stage in your site configuration. You can also visit the Extended properties page for other configuration options.

Site Statistics

The Control Panel contains links to a number of useful reports about your site, including the numbers of unique visitors per day, lists of referrers, and the most recent visitors to your site.

Further support

More documentation is available at the Siteframe website (http://siteframe.org). In addition, there are a number of mailing lists that Siteframe administrators use to assist each other with configuring and maintaining their sites. You can find more information about these at the Siteframe website.

If you have specific problems or questions, you can contact Siteframe technical support at:


You can submit feedback to the Siteframe development team via your Control Panel feedback page.